Sunday, July 26, 2009

Erhmm, I am not understanding how to use this bumpits

I don't think I have enough hair. Will have to review some other time. the medium one always shows and trust me it doesn't look good showing...the small one is ok but it is damn small lol..I will return to this after my hair has been relaxed.

So I gave in and shampooed with Aussie Moist...sometimes I just crave a reg shampoo but I did it only once. As Pocahontas says, the shikakai leave the hair feeling odd. Filmy maybe? Anyhow, did my 2 min protein and DC for about 3 hours with the Lustrasilk.

I'm glad I did this. I do NOT like the look of my hair wet. I know I have fine strands so this us usually not too bad but it's seen better days. I'm going hunting today for castor oil to incorp in my pre poos and DCs.
Had a dermatologist appointment Sat at 8 am so I rocked the curls...just pinned them back

Then for church I came back (abt 8:30), wrapped, and fell asleep. I don't feel much new growth from last time so Idk about the growth. Doesn't matter to me anyway. Once I'm back from vacay, I'll be more focused.

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