Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amping up regimen temporarily

I took special effort with my Easter curls but then my praise dancing messed it all up. The pics are all I have to offer. I was rushing this morning so I didn't have the time to take pics prior. They looked much better lol.

I restocked on shampoo. Was in Target and saw Aussie Moist. Since I love the conditioner I decided to try the shampoo. Not so bad. I pre-pooed overnight w my proclaim and JBCO. Then I shampooed, did protein reconstructor, DCed for 10 mins w heat under dryer, roller set on orange curlers and dried. Oh! I tried the leave in sample I got. I will do a full review next weekend after my second try but I think this is about to be my new leave in spray. I'm so sorry Motions but this is paraben free, organic, and has minimal amount of chemicals. Plus, I can't use my Motions to set (makes my hair hard so I just spray it over the hair after it's set). on it's way.

Now unto the real stuff. My hair's been in a funk. What do I mean? A little breakage, and shedding. Plus I think once a week washing isn't working for me. I really wanted it to but I think my hair needs a midweek co-wash. I also need to replenish my mango butter stock. My hair appreciates a protein kick in the week. I won't update the regimen yet. This is a trial.

Oh, I'm 4 weeks.


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  2. Thanks for the comment, I checked out the blog....big tings! Looks great, I'm now a follower :)