Friday, April 23, 2010

Do new prods make you feel all happy inside too?

LOL. I went to Vitamin Shoppe to get some new prods - the Jane Carter's Solution leave in, a sealant oil (not for my DCs), and aloe vera juice to replace Motions Nourish leave in spray for my ponytails and buns. I love buying hair prods. Good thing I don't have a lot of disposable income, I'd have a mini BSS in my bedroom.

I totally feel the difference already using my aloe vera juice mix instead of the Motions. My hair is much smoother. This is the mix - little less than half the bottle with water, half with aloe juice then topped off with some grape seed oil. I sprayed it last night before moisturizing and sealing. Then I tied my hair down for the night. In the morn, I moisturize and seal then bun.

Now, the Jane Carter's. I use it to roller set in addition to my HE LTR leave in. This is something I could never do with the Motions because it would make my hair a little hard so I'd spray it after I was done roller setting.

I also restocked on WN. I still need some other items (mango butter, cheapy condish, oil - proclaim 7 or hot6) but the places were closed (before 8:30 too, so early I think).


  1. I just purchased the JC Wrap and Roll. This has been recommended to me so many times as the best for rollersetting, but I'm just getting around to buying it. Have you ever tried it? I will probably use it for my next set.

  2. I haven't...I've been eyeing the moisture & shine for my buns. Do you have a blog? I don't see one on your profile