Monday, April 12, 2010

My air dry weekend with buns galore

So I DCed on dry hair all day Friday - Lustrasilk, JBCO, proclaim, honey. Then I did a 2 minute reconstructor. To air dry I put in my HE LTR leave in and used the Jane Carters solution, tied my scarf at front (thanks Sunshyne for your scarf method), and air dried.

This is after 2 hours
Then I put it in a braid/plait over night
Sat hair - I moisturized and sealed like crazy. My hair always feels dry after I air dry out
Sun hair
Mon hair
I had some shedding but I always feel my hair sheds more when I do my air dry routine. Would you agree? I like to give my hair a break from the heat but I don't know if air drying with my hair out of in a bun is the best. I could air dry in rollers but it is SO uncomfortable because I usually have to sleep in them. ugh


  1. ahh suga i miss ur blog so much can't wait to catch up when i get my lappy back..

  2. Beautiful : ) love the bun

  3. S-hair (not signed in)April 15, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Thanks, ladies!

    @ China - hope u get your lappy fixed SOON...I miss your stylin :)

    @ Blessed & Jonesy - thanks for the compliments, especially since you ladies are on point with your hair...means a lot :)