Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I co-washed midweek

The one thing I have no time for and said I couldn't do.

Why? Because while at the gym last night little broken pieces of hair were coming out in my hand. The first thing I thought was my hair got sweated out Sat night and Sun at dance rehearsal. Then last night at the gym made the 3rd sweat out and dry since my Sat roller set. I have dance again Thurs. That would just be too too much for my hair.

So after gym, I put some mane n tail in my hair (after the sweat air dried) for about 5 minutes, then rinsed it out, then co-washed with mane n tail, and did a last wash with my NTM daily condioner (to combat the mane n tail). I bunned my hair right there in the shower w a little NTM for leave in. No detangling. I pat out some of the moisture with a t-shirt, then tied it down and went to bed. Still wet this morning. I just moisturized and sealed then put it back up. But since it's been out for an hour or so (since I got into work), it dried a bit. I finger combed it a bit this morning but nothing came out. I hate to see breakage. That's lost length. So I abs had to hair was talking to me.

Quick review of Mane n Tail: So far, it absolutely does NOT work in my DC mix but seems to cowash well. Go figure. My hair was still soft when I was done.
I guess this mid week regimen is still a work in progress.

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