Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm back

Last Friday I went to get a blow out. I co-washed and DC'ed then went to get it rinsed out and rollerset at the hair salon. Got lots of compliments on my hair but we were running late and by the time I could take a pic, I had taken a couple of myself and the camera went kaput. So no hair pic till the next day after I was dancing all night and slept on the hair (no wrap). But I got a number of compliments on my hair (and some jealous comments about my hair looking thin haha. My hair is always this thin...I have fine hair. Just lots of it).
Here's Tuesday's bun.
I'm heading to the Vitamin Shoppe today to get some products for my hair:

1. Aloe Vera Juice (no more Motions Spray to slick back hair for my buns and ponytails)
2. Jane Carter's Solution spray leave in
3. Sealant oil
4. Hair moisturizer (yes people, I'm gonna try something new but I'll still get my wave nouv.)

I also need more:

1. Wave nouv.
2. Proclaim 7 oil
3. Mango butter (unless I see something better at Vitamin Shoppe)

-I'm 5 weeks tomorrow-


  1. Wow, I love you hair, great progress. This is the day after and it still looks great, I know it was banging the day of :)

  2. What?! I dare A Hater Beotch say something about your hair! Your hair is soo freaking gorgeous they can only dream of having half the head of hair YOU have! But whats dope is that u have a trusty hair dresser. I don't trust no one doing my hair, i know I'm weird lol..

  3. Thank u ladies!

    China, I know u got my back :) My hairdresser and I had falling outs before but now we have a great relationship. It is a relief. I totally understand you being careful about who does your hair.

  4. I have "lots of fine hair" too. I love your hair and I have to remember everytime I see your hair not to be a jealous "beotch" like China says. Every single time I see your hair I have to calm down and be happy for you. Still slightly jealous but in a good way.

  5. S-hair (offline)May 3, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    I look at your pics LaQT and our hair looks so very similar. Your hair looks great so trust me, you don't have to be jealous (even tho from u I don't mind cause ur hair's lovely and you got this hair journey down to an art so that's a compliment to me)...I bet there are ladies giving ur hair a stink side eye too lol