Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random pics...

Exams have been whipping my butt but I've been taking pics with the hopes that I'll one day post.

Because of studying (late nights, no time, no energy), I haven't been able to really experience my hair. It was up in a ponytail Mon, then a bun by Tues, and so it will stay. I plan to pre-poo, and begin my usual regimen this weekend. I'm gonna incorp. Mane & Tail to see what happens. My hair is more manageable now & it needs the protein since it was just relaxed.

This is Monday
Then Mon night I let it out...the waves were gorg.
Then Tues...back to bunning. It is very easy bunning I should say. I literally wrap it around and clip it down with one of those tiny claw clip things. No ponytail holders or pins. My hair must be loving this break. This is not my usual new relaxer behavior.

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