Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final wash

Sunday I clarified, did my 2 step protein, then DC with DPR-11, Proclaim daily conditioner, honey, proclaim 7 oil, and JBCO.

I then rollerset, went to bed. I used A LOT of HE LTR leave in to detangle. I don't think I have detangling down at all at this stage in my stretch. It wasn't dry the next morning so I did the dryer for a bit then sprayed the front with my Motions Nourish and tied it back into a ponytail. My hair is 12 weeks. There is no hope of a style right now. I just don't have it in me because I have midterms and I'm mid move. Plus I have never met this hair before. I'm a new convert (6 weeker turned 8/9 weeker) so 12 weeks is out of my range. Anyway, my hair felt much better than last week so I'm blaming the Mane n' Tail (which I didn't use this time around) BUT I should say although it made my hair strange, my hair did not shed exessively or break.
I don't know why the pics wont enlarge when you click today - strange. Anyway, I'm def sporting about an inch of NG.

Batteries for my camera and a relaxer should make for an excellent weekend.

Oh, my appointment is Fri the 5th of March, not 4th.


  1. See I knew your beautiful hair will bounce back! I forgot your in a serious stretch until ur next perm. That can cause shedding too ( well at least for me it does). I'm in a 5 week stretch myself Hope to have full LONG healthy hair like you 1 day. keep up your great work.

  2. Thanks :) I don't know why I panic like that all the time...I don't think I'll ever stop panicking. I am not used to such hair I guess.