Friday, December 31, 2010

What I did...

Spent hours reading. The most important reads?

Detangled the braided hair with mix of V05 silky moisture conditioner, water, JBCO and based with honey shield.

Then instead of 1/8 cup oil for one kit/tup relaxer I did 1 cup relaxer (I have a huge tub of Motions lye) and 1 cup conditioner. Yup! Equal parts. I want to be as natural as possible because I haven't given up yet. Matter of fact, now it's all rinsed out, it doesn't look much different from my natural hair. It WAS easier to comb though.

This is when I took those blasted braids out
After my texlax


  1. That hair texture is beautiful! I wish mine would stay curlier than it does when I texlax. I may be able to achieve better the next time now that I have my silk amino acid.

  2. Maybe that will help :) I did 1 cup relaxer to 1 cup conditioner so I think that's why...