Friday, December 10, 2010

No relaxer next week

That is something I know for sure. I will see how the rest of the year and 2011 progresses.

I am nervous to even say it because I know I may not stick with it - I have hair frustration when the strands are cooperating. So I may give up. I won't lie. But it is time to make an attempt at no relaxing.

Right now my plan is ponytails and curls until the roots become unmanageable then braids. Same regimen of weekly DCs and mild protein. Strong protein every 2-3 months. I'll update the side bar. I need to find a sulphate-free poo or just stick with ACV rinses for now.

One interesting reaction from a friend of mine: "I can see why so&so (a friend of mine with a looser hair type) would go natural but not you (yours truly). Your hair is real black hair."

My reaction: well I'm glad it is since I am black after all *internally flipping her the bird*


  1. Girl don't even worry about comments like that. I got the same ones from family members and my stylist. I just brushed them off. I made it to a little over 8 months post, but my decision to relax had nothing to do with my texture cause I actually really loved it. I just couldn't do the time it took to style it how I wanted it. It was either spend most of the day every Saturday or big chop. I just was not ready to chop. I appreciate the time I spent with my natural texture, but I need quick and easy. I'm working two jobs and now college starts in a couple of weeks. It can be done though; you really have to have your mind set on your goal and determined to stick it out. Also major tip: DO NOT have a relaxer in the house!!! LOL Good luck girl!

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for the advice. I thought braids were the ans but nah, not for me. We'll see where this journey leads.

  3. People make me wanna just smack them when they make bird brained comments like that. "Your hair is real black hair." What's that supposed to mean? She gets the stupid look, followed by a blank stare. You go Shar!