Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Just some pics.

First my Sat braid out...I did 6 plaits on 80% dry hair Thurs night and then pulled them out a day later. I really need to learn how to braid. I tried but it was too lose and uneven. Not even near what I could do in someone else's hair.

Sunday bun and off to Barnes & Noble :)

This is my hair tonight after a m&s session with wave nouv and carrot oil, mango butter at the edges and IC fantasia gel (use at night so I don't have to use in morning or have a tight ponytail to get the slickness). I am still combing once a week so I finger combed this. I have a new product - conditioner - I plan on using this weekend.


  1. Your hair looks very moisturized and healthy. Keep at it!

  2. Looking the textured style!