Thursday, December 30, 2010

Failure #1

This transition is not as easy as I thought. I skipped my birthday relaxer which was a shocker in itself. But then I needed a plan. I felt like I have read everything on the internet but nothing's helping. Why? I don't think any of those successful naturalistas have my hair and I have read months worth of information. Where is my hair type? Even I'm not sure what that is :-( Anyhow, eventually I decide to get braids with human hair (wet n wavy was suggested to me by braider). So this past Friday (Dec 24th) I got them in and I thought they were tight but she insisted she wasn't doing them tight. Hmm, ok.

So Sat goes by and they're uncomfortable but my friend was nice enough to keep massaging my scalp. Then comes Sunday. I bear them well enough. Then the itching started. I mean it wouldn't stop. So after good ole fashion itching for hours, I decide to use warm water. Didn't work. Then the sprays - oil sheen and oils. Didn't work. Then a hot rag. Nope. So first thing I do in my frustration is remove the four tightest at the front - there is like NO hair there - what the hell did she even braid??! Then I remove the five at the back. Then I say flip this! I don't care how much I spent, me and my hair will not suffer for it.I took em all out 3 days after I had em put in. The end. Braids are not for me. So I am about to spend some hours on the internet now reading about texlaxing/texturizing, and other ideas because braiding is OUT and so is a full on relaxer.

Sorry my blogs are few and far between. I guess as more starts happening it'll pick up. Also, work and sch have been quite the chore. Hope all the hair journeys are going well :-)


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're transitioning to natural. Your hair journey has been a huge inspiration to me! In fact, your blog was the first one I came across when I started my healthy hair journey almost a year ago. August of this year I decided to transition to natural so as of now i'm a little over 4 months post relaxer. Around month 3 I started experimenting with perm rods, braid-outs, and twist outs. They have been a huge help, even when the sets were an epic fail. They make most up-dos look effortlessly gorgeous and I've received so many compliments. I always make sure to have a detangling solution of water, oils, and maybe a little "Just for me" detangler or conditioner when it's time to restyle for a mid-week detangling session or for wash days. (This step really helps) It just takes a little patience, there's no doubt in my mind you can do it :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and advice :) I'm shocked I could be anyone's inspiration to be honest but if I've helped I'm glad. I am about to do some research now I've been scaling back mentally and considering texlaxing - what do you think? I'm trying to get back the thickness the relaxer robbed me of and I don't think I'll even get one with a relaxer. I have also been considering locks...

  3. I've read a few blogs and seen videos from youtube ladies who've texlaxed hair and they have done well. It ultimately has to be something YOU are mentally ready for. Texlaxing sounds like a good alternative to a full-blown relaxer, especially for getting thickness back. And Locks, I think, would be gorgeous!

    FYI- You might do some research on scab hair too. Some people seem to have it, some don't; I do. Around the first month or 2 my new growth seemed to be a tangle, matted mess no matter what I'd do. After that though my new growth has been much softer, more curly and definitely easier to manage.

  4. Well CookiCourt, this impulsive lady just texlaxed her hair! I am uploading the pics...

    Scab hair? Wow sounds scary :( I'm gonna look it up. Thanks so much for your help :-D

  5. Awwww *big hug*. I feel your pain. I can't do braids either because my hair is too fine in most spots for it (according to my sister/stylist). I learned the hard way tho (being hard headed), lost my edges, and ended up losing knots and knots of hair.

    Welcome to the texlaxed world! That's what I do and my hair is happy about it. That's why it looks big when it air dries but then after flat ironing, it looks regular relaxed. After my first time, I was convinced that doing a full relaxer was pointless when I can get it just as straight with at flat iron. But on the days I want to wear a textured style, I don't have to struggle with the straightness.

    You seem to have done your research and made an informed decision. I wish you the best on your journey my sis!

  6. I've been contemplating transitioning for a while now. I'm currently 21 weeks post but it's pretty difficult I see a full on relaxer in my cards within the next week.