Monday, February 1, 2010

Why I am lovin my hair...

The roots are great yes, but, I must say my hair feels so soft and looks strong and healthy. I am relieved my shedding issues are over.

I def think choosing to roller set every wash has helped. It makes my hair look shiny and stay less tangled. Plus it helps my hair get a really good detangle every week since I use my shower comb first to dentangle my hair in two big parts but the small setting comb to detangle each section before I roll it. I must have the finest strands. They tangle so easily and look a hot mess tangled. So I won't really be air drying in a bun or pony again unless I have the time to sit with it. My hair does well when I can walk around with it wet and out all day but I don't have the time for that as I usually wash my hair at night before bed or Saturday mornings before we head out for church.

Also, pre-wash treatment. When I shampooed I did a pre-poo with Proclaim oil and JBCO. Then this past weekend when I co-washed, I pre-poo/dry deep conditioned with a whole bunch of crap since I was running out of products (garlic cond, lustra silk, honey, JBCO, & HE LTR). Makes my hair soooo soft.

Those two things have been what have really been working for me these past weeks. Maybe baggying may be working too but I don't really know. My hair loves moisture it seems.

Something else that's putting me in a good mood? I'm out of shampoo and conditioner so I get to a little bit of shopping this weekend. I am currently compiling my list so I'll see what I come up with by Thursday.

Forgot my camera today but the pics from this weekend look a lot like last weekend...will post later this week.

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