Saturday, February 20, 2010

I am done

Relaxing next Friday. I don't care that I haven't done my protein and clarifying (I was gonna do it next week) because my hair gave me a scare today. It felt like hay (don't blame Mane n' Tail, don't blame Mane n' Tail), seriously. Plus it was so detangled it took me forever to detangle it and all of this came out:
Not good.

Did I mention my hair felt like trash? I am still trying to figure out if I'm just overreacting (very likely). But in any case I just feel way out of my league. So yea, I give up. 10 weeks is the most I've ever done and now 11 will be it. All this shedding (probably breakage though I don't see any) and tangled mess is too much for me. I'll leave it to the pros. So there's my monster stretch, 11 weeks lol.

Mane n' Tail experience: So I DC'ed with some DPR-11 I didn't know I had with honey, JBCO, and a little Mane n'Tail (MT). Now, w/o the Mane n' Tail, this is a staple DC of mine that always works well for me. Then I co-washed with HE LTR, another staple of mine yet my hair felt crazy rough. The 2 weeks I've used MT in my DC mixes, my hair has just felt awful - like straw. The week before I used it my hair was still being great. For this reason I'm giving it away. It just doesn't seem to work for me. I should try it again after I relax to see if it is really the problem but since I wasn't on a hunt for a new product and I already have conditioners I love, I won't. I'll stick with what works. Sometimes experimenting helps me find something great, sometimes not. Next time I'm at 10 and 11 weeks I'll see if this is typical behavior for my hair. That will absolve the blame I've given MT.

Here's my dry DC:
*my camera died so these are from the BB*

UPDATE 2/22/2010:
So my hair dried and it actually felt fine. It also wasn't shedding or breaking. I really want to relax this Friday but I'll see if my pocket will allow doesn't seem that way but a girl can hope. So, although I am quite over my NG, I may be stretching one more week. Since I have to make lemonade out of lemons, at least I get to do my protein.


  1. your hair is gorgeous maybe your stressing over the hair caused it to dry up and tangle a bit. Or maybe ur dehydrated and that can cause hair and scalp dyrness. Keep up what u been doing( ur routine) ur hair is not going to be 100% perfect 24-7.Don't stress mama u'll be ok

  2. I agree with China Madonya. At least, you know your stretch limit, if this is it than stick to it since your hair rebels past 10.

  3. ^^^^ i agree. i actually am anti really long stretches for most people. if u run into trouble, its best to end it and retain all of your hard work!

  4. Thanks so much ladies for the encouragement!

    @ China, I agree. I can stress every little thing. Even tho my hair felt awful when wet, it feels really good dry so color me surprised. I'm just gonna keep trucking.

    @LaQT, I think this is my limit. I kinda forced 12 weeks on myself because I'm moving this weekend and all the expenses isn't leaving enough in the budget to replenish my mizani butter blends products.

    @ Ebony, I don't think I'll be going past 10 weeks again. I sure hope to retain my hard work.

  5. Your hair looks good to me but do what works for you. There's nothing like stretching for an upteenth number of weeks only to have your progress stolen from you via shedding and breakage.

  6. So true n_vizion. I don't think I should go past 10 weeks again.