Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I wanna roll with the big girls...

I gotta step my game up.

My hair is on its ninth week and I am set to stretch some more. If this is going to work, I think I need to step my game up. Def moisturizing and sealing in sections at night with a little finger detangling, and maybe more consistent baggying. I am definitely going to dry DC with some good stuff (garlic cond mix with JBCO and honey probably) from tomorrow morning into Sat morning before I co-wash. I will have to keep it up every week until relaxer week because my hair is getting DRY. I am also considering a protein treatment -the hard one- next weekend (the 19th) even though I won't relax until 2 weeks later.

For today, I sprayed lots of my motions nourish leave in to soften the hair, moisturized, and sealed then pinned it up, tied with my scarf and covered with hat. It is gonna stay that way until the gym tonight.

Need to make a BSS stop tonight.


  1. I've been doing the coconut oil challenge and boy do I feel like I own a new head of hair. I baggy a lot more often as well. Think I'm gonna make it to a 12 week stretch. I'm at 9 right now. Good Luck!

  2. good luck! i've been staying in a satin bonnet covered by a cute hat as much as my life will allow lately with the bad weather! sounds like you have your "stretch plan" together!

  3. Princess - I totally forgot about my coconut oil...good lookin! I need as much help softening my NG as possible

    Ebony - I'm like those days I can rock the hat all day. I am not a good stretcher so 12 weeks is a big deal, we'll see how it works out :)