Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Hair - I finally watched it

It was a bummer for me.

I mean, it had some funny parts, yes, but all in all it was kind of pointless and boring. Let me tell you the parts I liked: I enjoyed the barber/beauty shop talk parts, and the parts when he went to vendors making relaxers, those making weaves in India, and the BSS and did interviews. The worst parts were the Bronner Brothers show in ATL. Now, I admit, I don't know much abt southern black hair culture but what on earth was that stage show?! The exhibits looked interesting but he didn't focus on that, only the foolywang competitors of this stage show. They got too much play (did you see the marcel irons sizzling the ladies' hair? wow)

One big thing that stood out to me was the $1000 weaves. My goodness! On layaway too? I'm sorry, it just isn't worth it to me. Unless the $1000 includes installation and upkeep. I really didn't care about the parts with the men who had a problem w touching hair. I mean, my husband has a black mother. He ought to know that a fresh relaxer does not get wet unless I'm on vacation lol but this HJJ is helping him out some. With satin sheets, there is no need to cover my hair as much, and I'm not so scared of my hair getting wet. When I used to wash once every other week I'd be, but since I wash weekly, it's no biggie. Besides, regardless of race I don't know a woman fresh out of the salon that is trying to ruin the style.

So here are my curls. I won't judge the mane n' tail just yet. I'll use it a bit more before I review. Anyhow, below I used the red flexi rods and separated the curls. Quite a feat with my hair at 9 weeks and the detangling that had to be done but it looked okay I think.


  1. I still haven't seen it...i'll see it on dvd soon though. lol I love your curls. Your hair looks amazing. Before reading that you were 9 weeks post I thought you had relaxed! lol

  2. Thanks much! Hope u enjoy it...