Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Got some Dr. Bronner's (8 weeks post tomorrow)

So I went to Target to look for leggings and left with this instead:

I have an excuse. Really. Thing is my hairdresser is Dominican and although she and I can communicate well enough, she doesn't seem to understand/like my Wen cleansing conditioner because it doesn't get soapy enough for her. I brought it last time I went and she didn't like it/use it...well she tried 2 pumps then gave up and slathered in the shampoo. I guess we all love our ammonium/sodium lauryl sulfates even though they aren't good for our hair. So this has none of the bad stuff but she'll get the suds and soapiness she loves while my hair will get a break.

I washed my hair last night: Wen, then 2 min reconstructor, porosity then DPR-11/honey/vatika DC for about 25 mins w/heat. Rollerset, sat under the dryer for about 15 or 20 mins then went to bed with the rollers in.

Didn't have a clue what to with all these curls...wrapping for 15 mins sure wouldn't have helped so I just pinned them back. Seems to work. I think. m&s with wave nouv & hot 6 plus used a little mango butter and HBCO on the front when pinning it back.

The ones below are before I blended the curls together

Tried to blend in the curls some...

What's in the background??? Hairlista!!!! LOL

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