Thursday, April 9, 2009

8 weeks post

Today, I am officially 8 weeks post. This is my third stretch on my healthy hair journey. I used to relax every 6 weeks. The first time I stretched I went 8 weeks, the second time, I went 9 weeks. I guess that means I should stretch 10 weeks this time. I'll see what happens. Tomorrow I get my blow out in preparation for my friend's birthday celebration this weekend. I should say, my hairdresser is pregnant and due on May 10th - my 10 week stretch ends April 23rd. I am not too sure if she'll be available or not. It would make me sad but I could find someone else. I guess. I have 2 other alternatives - one MUCHO expensive and then another Dominican who has done my hair before, just not so convenient and not as awesome as Yerena.

So the curls died last night. I just m&s w wave nouv & hot six oil on the ends, then mango butter and HBCO on the edges. Then covered and went to bed. Finger combed this morning.

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