Monday, October 18, 2010

Relaxer update!

Yes, I made you all wait 3 days but I didn't take pics till last night because it was my friend's birthday weekend. It was fun! You will notice my hair has no bump to it and that is because I was in such a rush on Friday to get my relaxer done Yerena had to roller set on the HUGE black rollers = straight hair. But I'll be hooking myself up this weekend. Oh and yes, I am claiming BSB which is supposedly between shoulder blade? I'm not even sure. I just want to claim something since it's been so long about half way between APL and BSL??? Hahaha

I pin curled last night (too small so my ends were super curly this morning) - pony tail. Wish I had something to pin it up and protect the ends.


  1. Beautiful hair!!!


    BSB=below shoulder blades =)

  2. BSB, huh?! That's a new one for me! Great progress nonetheless!! I just got a trim so I'm kinda pouting right now! lol

  3. Congrats on ma king BSB ....BSL here you come !!!

  4. Thanks ladies!!

    @love - Now that I know what BSB is, idk if I'm there lol

    @Glamour - me too! I don't even really know if I'm there :) Trims are good...I trimmed last time and I gained it all back so your next relaxer will be a happy day! I wasn't so happy when I got it though

    @Traycee - I can't wait!

  5. Your hair looks beautiful as always~congrats on your prgress!!!