Friday, October 29, 2010

Product haul! Been awhile

I don't have the dough to really do any damage when I'm buying prods but every now and again I treat myself or running out of stuff gives me a lovely opportunity to try something different. Well, last night I spent some quality time in the BSS and here's the result:

Something old: My BSS now sells JBCO! I have wanted to join my Listas on their JBCO Challenge but have been lazy to take the train to Harlem to get some but lo and behold I saw they have it in my BSS now :-D for like $3 more but I won't complain! Welcome back to my regimen old pal.

Something new: A new moisturizer! I went in thinking I'd just get my wave nouveau but I started reading the backs of the different ones they offer looking if maybe something new may be good for me and ended up with this. I think the ingredients looked okay and mineral oil wasn't the 2nd or 3rd ingredients like so many of the other moisturizers. This is a little thicker than my WN but I'm thinking since it's winter, it may be better.

Something borrowed: Soooo, I've been on the hunt for a replacement heavy protein. Since I didn't do much research, I just borrowed from my knowledgeable lady Sunshyne's list of heavy protein prods (which includes: aphogee 2 step, nexxus emergencee and keraphix, and mizani kerafuse for all interested). I have Mizani kerafuse and I'm just not in love. It is SOOOO thick (think mud) that it is a trial to apply and I just don't feel confident it's getting anywhere.

Something blue: Nothing blue hahaha except me maybe when I went to the register and found out my Mane n Tail condish (for my cowashes) was over $6.49. I kindly put it back. He's nuts....I can get 2 of that for $7. Crazy man.


  1. whoa I took my sew0in out and clarified and did the aphogee 2 step!!! sweet lawd jeezuz it made my hair hair. Strong, but hard as bricks... I'm not saying dont use it. I probably will use it again. I just need to DC longer after or maybe with heat. I give a product at least 4 goes before I say good bye!

  2. i like it.....))

    i have fasnion blog too .)

  3. Princess, the 2 step is the truth but it is a MESS to use lol You def need to DC with the best moisturizing condish you have after for as long as u can (& with heat too).

    Mary Mur...thanks for stopping by