Monday, October 11, 2010

Lesson learnt lol

Bantu knot outs aren't as easy as they look. So I tried my first bantu knot out on 9 weeks post hair Fri night because I wasn't up to washing (gym Sunday and needed to do protein for my relaxer this week). OMG my roots! So first, I couldn't even part the sections, then I guess I didn't secure it properly because none of the ends were curled. So I had to abandon the whole plan for another time. Any tips? Feel free to let me know.

Disclaimer: excuse the mess! It was laundry day and we were sorting, etc but I wanted to grab some shots for you all. Oh, and these are iPhone photos so details may be sketchy.

I do have other pics from this weekend but I'll post when I have time. I'll tell you what I did though. I didn't have any 2 step left and didn't realize so I had to use my Mizani kerafuse instead for my protein. So here's what I did: clarified with CON, porosity for 1 min, DC for a couple hours with Mizani kerafuse, conditioned with my sedal ceramides then rollerset. It took me forever to detangle and rollerset. But I did it. Couldn't wrap the rollerset (roots lol) so I did a cross wrap instead. Rocking the banana clip today.


  1. Like you said it probably wasn't secured tightly.... I also you a pin to make sure they stay secure... I also alway use a styling mouse or curly butter for hold because the curls wont last without them

    They will get better each time you try... Oh the only negative about bantu's is they are not as consistent as braid outs.... You really don't what you have till you take them down..hahaha

  2. Thanks Traycee! I'm gonna try with my mango butter, and pins and see what happens in a few weeks. They just look so easy...