Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been awhile...1 week post pics

So one week and one day after my relaxer, this is what I did:

-hot oil treatment with carrot oil
-shampoo with neut & chelating poo
-Sedal ceramides
-rollerset, dry, and wrap

So, yes, my hair still needs some protein. Gonna find some this weekend...I really don't wanna do aphogee 2 step (too much!) so PLEASE LEAVE ME SUGGESTIONS. I won't get it till Friday. Emergencee keeps coming to my mind, anyone recommend? Last resort, I'll be heading to the hair tips/product reviews on Hairlista & KISS for my suggestion.


  1. you could try Keracare Super Reconstructor. It's a strong protein but it's way more user friendly than Aphogee and even Emergencee. Only thing is it comes with a hefty price tag.

  2. ORS is always a good Protein treatment.
    question: How is the Carrot Hot Oil treament working for your hair? and do you use it as a pre-poo?

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    @Tola - I was trying to find the super reconstructor but couldn't :( I'm keeping a look out for it...I got the emergencee. I only have to put it on my hair for 1-2 minutes so I'll be trying it tonight. It was pricey too :(

    @Faithful - I have tried ORS Mayo and for some reason my hair did not like it. I think using the carrot oil hot tx is what made my hair so nice and thick looking because that is not usual for the week after a relaxer at all! I just did the hot oil tx on a whim and I don't know that it benefits my hair much to be honest (I think a good deep condition is what matters) but I like giving my hair and nice steam...I def think a blog is a coming on this topic cause you've got me curious :)