Thursday, June 3, 2010

My gym regimen

You'll remember I complained that since I sweat in my hair, going to the gym is a hair challenge (soaked hair by the time I'm done). I needed some regimen to stick to where the gym was concerned.

First I considered & even tried the midweek cowash but it didn't last long, I think I did it twice. I just don't have the energy, time, or motivation; I can't believe I used to be midweek co-washing queen. Besides I go to the gym 3 or 4 times per week Mon-Thurs, so when would my midweek cowash be? Thurs when I'm done with the gym? That makes no sense because I do my weekly wash Fri eve/Sat morn. I was doing the midweek wash on Tues but that didn't last and by Wed/Thurs it was sweaty again.

Since I haven't been cowashing midweek, I had to do something to my hair after the gym. I decided to fall back on something at least one reader mentioned (or maybe I did, I can't remember). Anyhoo, post gym I moisturize with my HE LTR leave-in conditioner instead of my Wave Nouv. and then seal with my grape seed oil (or Proclaim 7). The following morning I go back to my Wave Nouv./grape seed or P7 m&s.

Here's my hair after gym - soaking wet with leave-in & sealant added
Next day for work - m&s and back in protective styling
Oh, I discovered my browser is preventing my photos from being clickable. There was a time I could click on them and they'd expand. Now they won't. I've been using Google Chrome recently. I don't have an alternative on this computer but when I'm on my other, I'll use Firefox.

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