Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diva Smooth Update & random pics

So I wrote to the folks at Diva Smooth (Janelle Beauty) for an exact listing of the ingredients versus the page of ingredients in the line...I wanted to know what was in the DIVA SMOOTH itself. Here's the response:

You can check out the ingredient page to ensure there is nothing in any of our hair care products that you might be allergic to. There are no chemicals in any of our products, therefore, there is nothing to change your virgin hair into chemically processed hair. Your hair will remain virgin hair, but you will now have the flexibility to wear straight styles whenever you desire.

So Idk what exactly is in the smooth product. The end until someone (outside of the vendor) reviews this for me.

Here's my attempt at claw clipping versus bunning. I am attempting to minimize the stress on my hair. This should be possible at least 5 weeks out of my 12 weeks stretch and on the days after wash day or even wash day itself.

Prods for last wash: lustrasilk, honey, proclaim 7 oil mix for dry DC, mane n tail for cowash, HE LTR and JC solutions for leave in


  1. When this first came out (DivaSmooth) there was talk about it on the hair boards. I forgot the out come though. I am thinking of switching to claw clipps to bun also.

  2. I only use the claw clips sometimes but it gives my hair a break...

  3. Stay away from Diva Smooth it is the biggest rip off ever no such thing, I may add I do not have real nappy hair ,

  4. I bought DIVA Smooth to avoid chemical relaxer, this is the biggest rip off ever sold, no such thing as smooth of soft save your $42.00 DIVA SMOOTH THE BIGGEST RIP OFF ever!!!!!