Friday, June 25, 2010

I promise this isn't a rash decision

I have wanted to do this for awhile and I've been afraid but I don't think I should be.


I remember my 2009 traumatic experience but I really think it was 2 things that caused the bad experience the 2nd time: the product {I used henna someone gave me instead of the one I purchased at the store} & going under the dryer {I should have just walked around for a few hours like I did the time before}. Also, remember the first experience was positive...

I'm gonna do it. If it goes all south and I have to cut my hair, there's a 75% chance I'll be texlaxing.

Fingers crossed.

& OMG, am I almost at 60 followers? I'm going to think of my favorite product and do a give away as soon as it hits all rock. HARD.

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