Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's learn together: DIVA SMOOTH

I was randomly reading the news today and saw an ad about a product called Diva Smooth that claims to be non-chemical natural alternative to a relaxer. All the info below was taken directly from the website (image as well). I have no idea what I think about this product because this is 100% new information for me. First, I thought it was like the Brazilian keratin application but after reading the info on the site, I don't think so. I can't seem to find a list of ingredients (e-mailed them for one) so I really have no idea what to think. I'm just informing my readers about this new product and hopefully one of you can help us all out if you know anything more.

Here is some basic info from their website. There is lots more on the site (link below) including customer reviews and photos of women who use the product:
"Janelle Beauty's Diva Smooth is extremely easy to apply and can be applied by yourself or a Salon professional - Anyone can do it!l. You simply apply the Diva Smooth, let it sit. Shampoo, Rinse, Condition, Blow Dry. Flat iron for that straight look. Beautiful, healthy chemical free hair!"
Here's some information from the FAQS

Q. My hair has no chemicals..it is completely natural...can I use Diva Smooth?
A. YES! Diva Smooth is a Hair smoothing agent..it is not a relaxer..it will NOT chemically alter your hair. However, after applying DIVA SMooth and using a flat iron...your hair will be lustrously smooth and straight.

Q. Why can't I just use a flat-iron to get my hair straight?
A. You can. But with Diva Smooth it is not only straight it is AMAZINGLY smooth and hair damage is significantly reduced! After repeated use...your hair will GLOW!

Q. My Hair is relaxed and I have no intention of stopping the use of relaxer in my hair...is Diva Smooth for me?
A. YES! Diva Smooth does not chemically alter your hair and can be used on relaxed hair if you want that add that layer of smooth and shine that is unique to Diva Smooth.

Q. My hair is relaxed and my roots are growing out...can I use Diva Smooth as I transition to natural hair?
A. YES! There will be no difference between your roots and your relaxed hair as you use Diva Smooth to tranistion out of the use of harsh chemicals!


  1. Thanks for this, we will definitely learn together. Just looking at the site and I stumbled upon this links that list their ingredients http://www.janellebeauty.com/shop/shopcontent.asp?type=ingredient_listing

    have you already seen this?

  2. Oh yea, I saw that but I wanted a list of all ingredients for the smooth product. That just looks like a list of the natural ingredients used in a number of their products versus a proper ingredient list for each product.

  3. Oh k. Well let us know when they get back to you

  4. Hey hon, they never did...oh wells.

  5. Very Similar to the Caramel Treatment made by Etae company out of Philadelphia. They also have a website for their Caramel and Carmelux treatments.

  6. I never heard of this product. It may be a good one. Be careful with using it. Finding the ingredients in it would be a good thing. I like the smooth look if a perm.