Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Lap

Praise God! I cannot wait for Thurs morning.

Friday I pre-poo'd with NTM conditioner I had left over (done now) and some proclaim 7 oil. Then I clarified with CON Clarifying poo with Aloe, then did my 2-step protein and sat under dryer with that for about 30 mins, then DC with my Sedal SOS ceramides for about 40 mins (20 with heat). Not too much of my hair came out...regular amount. Roller setting was a trial...detangling after my protein is always hard.

Important notice: I'm looking for a heavy protein replacement. I'm just about tired of using this messy, complicated 2 step protein. I love the 2 minute reconstructor they make but the 2 step, I can't bother with. I'd appreciate suggestions.

Anyhoo, I wasn't the very best at protecting my ends this weekend. Sat night they escaped my bonnet so they looked awful Sunday - I had to give em some HE LTR leave in and sealant. Then this morning they seemed to escape again, so I sprayed with my Jane Carters (instead of aloe mix), HE LTR again, then sealed w grape seed oil.

I bought my relaxer for the year (huge container). I didn't get Mizani this time around - I bought the Motions...the professional one for regular hair. Click here to see it (oh, Ateeyah's video is on the site...big things for her: Congrats!)


  1. Love your blog!

    As for heavy protein have you tried nexxus emergencee?

  2. Thanks so much Sio :) I try to make sure ppl know it may not be as cutting edge as others cause I'm a newbie (and it's a journal so some repetition) but I abs love doing it & love my readers :)

    I've never tried Nexxus Emergence...what do you think of it? I should go look up reviews.

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! I hear great things about Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayo and it is definitely less messy! I cannot speak from personal experience though...but I plan to try it very soon!

  4. Thanks Ebony :) I have tried ORS Mayo...Idk why my hair didn't like it. My hair also doesn't like the egg mix. So fussy!

  5. Let me clarify - with ORS Mayo my hair got stringy and tangly