Monday, May 17, 2010

Healthy hair reminder

Let me start by saying I don't really discuss my hair journey with my friends because I told 2 about my changes at the beginning and 1 was supportive and the other was amused. So I basically have 1 friend who knows about my healthy hair journey. So when I mentioned I was 10 weeks post to some girlfriends this weekend (one was admiring the length of my hair), & one said I need to relax because my hair will break if stretched, I only said, I don't really experience too much breaking from stretching because I try to keep my hair moist. Nothing more. I really wanted to say more but didn't want to sound like a mad hair scientist.

Anyhoo, I'll share the rest with y'all...

There can be more breakage as we stretch the relaxer more and more. As we stretch, there is more new growth and that demarcation line between the two textures is very delicate. We have to be extra gentle and keep up the hair care - deep conditioning, regular protein, low manipulation, protective styling - as the stretch gets longer and longer to prevent breakage.

Remember though that if the protein/moisture balance is off, hair is going to break regardless of the length of the stretch.

One other thing. Can I tell you how much pain I was in as one of my friends put the Mizani conditioning moisturizer then Design Essentials herbal complex then proceeded to flat iron her hair? I offered her some of my heat protectant, trying to explain that the oily hairdress (design essentials) probably wasn't the best when she flat ironed. Didn't work. She absolutely loves the product so...I let it be. You can only help those who really are interested and I'm tired of ppl saying I'm weird or giving me the side eye when I'm trying to help. How you gonna see a difference in your hair if you don't do something different to your hair?

Pic time. You know I like to post random pics. This is very random. I woke up late this morning. When that happens, boring hair styles are the choice...this is from the BB since no camera today.


  1. I understand how you feel about helping others, I no longer do it since I got the same reactions you did.

  2. Yea...I hardly bother. Thanks for the comment & the coups :)

  3. I hear you~I learned it's only best to offer help to those who really are interested. I get so tired of people thinking I'm a "hair fanatic" lol.

  4. Boy have I learned. Ppl act as though taking an interest in my hair is a bad thing then say sly things like "all that stuff you do with your hair" like deep conditioning and air drying is voodoo lol