Thursday, May 20, 2010

11 weeks post relaxer pics...

Beginning of week: Quick wash on Sat DC. Had no time. Haven't washed since so no DC this week...what a thing. Good thing tomorrow my hair gets the full pre-relaxer treatment.

Tuesday. Bun. I bunned all week.
Thursday. Bun.

Friday (tomorrow) I'll be officially 11 weeks. Pre-poo all day, followed by clarifying poo (does it make sense to clarify after pre-pooing? click here to learn what other ladies think), then my 2-step protein, then DC - garlic cond mixed with honey I think. Roller set. Wait out the week. Thursday morning I relax. I have somewhere to be Fri so I hope I can steal some time to take my update pics before my hair gets brutalized by the great outdoors.

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