Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Curls vs. SharBar. SharBar wins. Curls die.

So, I don't know precisely how other ladies keep their curls for days because mine last ONE day. That's all. By the time I went to bed and got up on Sunday there were no more curls. I've done the pin curl stuff. Doesn't work. I'm gonna try it with a professional. I'm going to get my hair done on the 18th (washed and set) so I'll have her pin curl and see how long it lasts. But for home, what can I do???

Anyway, this is what happened to the curls. I covered my curls with my satin scarf Sat night after I got home. Went to bed. Sunday morning. Stringy, flat, half dead curls. lol
So I went to town with my Motions Nourish leave in spray...the taming of the shrew =)

Just did a bun for a dinner I had on Sunday and movies on Monday. I wasn't gonna wash (tonight is wash night) and I wasn't gonna straighten. The last time I really stuck to my regimen of bunning 5 days a week, it really paid off.

My modified scarf method. Only wet the front with my leave in conditioner spray

Time is moving slowly this stretch. I'm just 4 weeks wishing I was 6. I am going 10 or more this time. We'll see if more happens but 10 def will.



  1. I would've comb them lightly and did a cute updo. My curls don't last long either I can get 2 days out of them by the 3rd day it's time to cowash them out or do a cute updo or crinkled bun.

  2. mine can't even last one night really...esp when I'm not fresh off a relaxer. Crinkled bun is more up my alley...good suggestion