Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacation hair

Now I had some cute dos during my vacay but I think they came at a price to my precious hair hehe.

First, at the wedding I attended, the resort spa staff did my hair...curls = curling iron, and lasting style = holding spray with alcohol among other evils I'm sure.
Second, got a braid out from a friend and went to a salon in Kingston to get it washed out. He did NOT know how to be gentle. A lot came out. The pluses of his place? He used only Redken products and a really nice leave in.

Third, my last wash and set I made sure to do a pre-poo with my hot 6, carrot oil, and castor oil mix since I know these people love shampooing and this lady's products seemed cheap. She shampooed only once BUT her hand was strong. The wash hurt, the detangle hurt, the roller set hurt, & the wrap hurt.

Didn't take any hair pics after this trip to the salon I was so annoyed at the treatment my hair got but here's the best I could do...
Last time I was on vacay, I just blowdried and did no salons. I think that works best. I'll stick with that or airdrying and flat ironing next time. At least I can compensate with products and special care.

Now, off to HAIRLISTA...I'm gonna check in on the castor oil challenge part 3! I finally have castor oil =)


  1. Your hair is so pretty! How do you achieve that shine??

  2. Thanks! I have to say it must be the deep conditioning and the moisturizing and sealing.