Monday, August 31, 2009

My first castor oil challenge wash...

I wasn't so diligent about the pics this weekend... no wet hair nor dry hair starting points. Tues it is for the wet...not sure abt the dry.

Anyhoo, I got up Sat morning, cowashed with V05, then DC with my Lustrasilk mix. I added castor oil and honey to my Lustrasilk. Went to the gym at for an hour with the DC in then came home, rinsed it out and headed to church with my hair slightly curly from the rollers. I'm gonna have to stop using those big purple ones and get orange ones so my curls can last longer. I put the castor oil on my scalp like I am supposed to. Anyhow, I ended up being out all day and not taking the pic till the evening so everything was flat and dead. Hair was soft though & still is feeling great. It's been shedding too much for my comfort so I need to get on the garlic conditioner since it's been about 3 weeks without it plus I haven't done my weekly light protein in awhile.

detangle/roller set
Sat night LATEI didn't want to wrap it Sat night, just pin it up so it could bun on Sun but I was trying to get one other day with my hair out so I wrapped but that wasn't to be. Sunday my hair got sweaty from baking and cooking so it went in a pony tail. The end. haha.

Today's hair.
I'll be doing my regular Tues wash so I'll take starting pics tomorrow instead.

NOTE, who would think this is 3 week hair. I'm scared of week 9.

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