Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 days late but here's the weekend in review

So, did my weekly wash with HE LTR condish, 2 minute keratin reconstructor, and a garlic cond, honey, JBCO deep conditioner with heat for about 20 mins. This was week 4.

pre wash after gym

wash day & night

I think my hair is getting dry during the week with just the one wash so I also tried a ponytail baggy. I tied a shower cap around my pony. I dunno if that did a thing lol. I'm gonna try to baggy, 1-3 times per week. I don't want my hair to get dry. I am also reconsidering my aloe juice, drop of oil, and water mix.

baggy results

New purchase! I replaced my carrot oil with proclaim oil from Sally's. Already I can say I enjoy the scent and it's light (runny) but I don't mind because that mixes well with my very thick JBCO.

Plan to pre-poo Thurs night and wash w poo Fri night...

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