Sunday, January 3, 2010

It is 2010!!!!

I feel like I haven't blogged much recently. It's the holidays. I get lazy :)

Here's an update 2 weeks post last relaxer.

My hair has been getting a break generally. I had it out on my birthday, then on both Saturdays (for Christmas and NYs weekend) but generally, it's been up in a bun like this one. The lazy kind.
As usual, it gets covered when I'm outside for any prolonged period with my scarf and cap. This is usually when I head out in the morning and when I head home at night. Sometimes, the scarf and cap don't come off all day lol.

I've also been sticking with my refined regimen. It is n't finalized yet but it has been working for me.

Christmas weekend I washed with my neutralizing and chelating poo (for good measure) and used my Mizani Kerafuse for DC without heat for maybe 2 hours. Then roller set and dried under dryer. No pics but the mess I put up in my last post.

This weekend, I co-washed with HE LTR then DC without heat for maybe 1.5 hours with alter ego garlic cond and a little bit of castor oil. Then roller set and let air dry over night. Left it curly during the day on Sat but it was sooooo cold I pinned it up.

That's basically it. I've been washing once a week. Deep conditioning with each wash. Will do a 2 minute protein for good measure with the next wash. Also, still low manipulation. Oh! I've also been applying JBCO to my edges 3-5 times weekly. Just a tad.

No crazy shedding so far and hope it stays this way because NO MORE TRIMMING for a looong while. I overdid it last stretch.


  1. Hair care is always an on going journey. We are both still learning or hair.

  2. sure is! your hair looks fantastic...cant wait to be your length