Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cute style & my dilema

Ok, I got all cute and did an updo this weekend after flat ironing the craptastic hair I had on Fri. I know I know. I flat ironed. Very very bad.

Here's my dilema...I think my hair needs some TLC but idk what. It has been feeling so thin. So I really don't want to relax it in a week and a half @ 8 weeks post and again at 8 weeks post (1 week before Jamaica trip) BUT if I don't relax it then and wait till later (like 10 weeks) I won't be able to relax again before my Jamaica trip. The alternative is just to stretch 16 weeks like I told myself I would. Idk if I can really do that. I don't know what happens to my hair after week 12. I can just see it being a huge mess and me breaking down, relaxing, then having 4 weeks post hair in Jamaica (can NOT happen). I have 1.5 weeks to make up my mind.


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