Saturday, June 6, 2009

7 week post wash (prep for relaxer?)

So I pre-pooed last night with hot6oil and NTM cond, put on a plastic cap and went to bed.

Got up this morning, clarified, then applied the 2 step protein (in prep for relaxer Friday coming), went under dryer for about 15 mins, then took a break then 10 more mins. Rinsed out the hard protein, did a few seconds of porosity, then DC w garlic cond, honey mix with heat for about 20 mins and without for maybe 15 mins...why did my hair feel interesting? kinda rough. But thing is it felt ok in the shower but then...I don't know.

Been awhile since I took a wet pic...a little thin on the ends

Tried to set in a different direction....right across the front from ear to ear

This is just what came out when I roller set...more came out in the shower. More than I care to acknowledge
Love my roller sets

Trying take a pic of my new growth. I honestly don't think anyone has new growth as thick and coarse as mine...I look at people with inches and I can just imagine my hair breaking like crazy.
Finger combed
Pinned up. Nothing else to do with roots like mine.Ignore this mess


  1. Your hair sure is growing wonderfully. Your rollerset came out great even though you had lots of ng. I love how you whip up a style. A bad rollerset for me always turns into some kind of a bun.

    BTW, is there a difference in your hair that you can see as far as a wet and dry hair pic are concerned? I always take dry pics.

  2. Too much NG to wrap...I knew it wouldn't come out nicely if I did that. It became a bun the next day lol.

    I feel like seeing my hair wet really shows how healthy it is. If you look back (it may take some scrolling), I've had wet hair pics that look much thicker. Makes me worry I'm not doing all I can. I must admit I've been going to the salon waaaay too much though. I need to go back to relaxer day and special occasions only.

  3. & thx for the compliment. I am wishing it would grow even faster