Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Truth of the matter

My hair and I are merely coexisting.

There is no love anymore because I don't know what to do with it now that it has about 2 inches of thick, curly roots. Ok, I did texlax it but the texlax is soooo light everyone thinks it is just natural (and trust me it feels and looks that way besides I haven't done that since December). My default style is straight so I feel like I should go get blow outs but what is the purpose of weekly blow outs? Is that better than a relaxer? My other option is braids, weaves, or wigs but honestly, I don't really want to do that...this texlax/natural journey is stealing my hair swag :-/


  1. It's just a matter of what you are wanting. If you are truly wanting natural, then continue to work at it and do your research. Personally, how ever you wear your hair is beautiful. I am currently 8 weeks post relaxer but I am seriously thinking about going natural, so I am doing my research and buying the products that will help me with it..Speaking of products, have you checked into Carol's Daughter? She has some for natural hair. I just bought a Tui Set and I love it

  2. omg finally someone with my hair texture that i can relate to. i want to go natural.......or natural and then tex-lax. i recently got a relaxer like a week ago but i am done with relaxers. i was thinking about doing braids or a sew in for like 2 months to start off since idk how to style my hair. i want to go like 6 months with a relaxer and then maybe get it tex-lax that i can manage it...manage it. i just need some help on starting on this natural thing. i was wondering if you have any advice that you can give?

  3. Hey hair buddy. I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm entering into a really long stretch myself. At that crossroad, I'll have to decide either to go it natural or relax. I really love my natural texture so, who knows? But then, the length I will have achieved by then, who knows? WHO KNOWS??? LOL!

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  5. Thanks everyone. Yes indeed, any way you wear your hair is great so long as you love it :)

    I decided to texlax it now it is very near to its relaxed state and I am waaaay less stressed.

    Damnshedida360 - how's the transition?? If you think we have similar texture, I would be curious to know how you are coping. I didn't lol but I am ok with that. One tip I'd give you is to deep condition always and never comb dry hair.

    Hair buddy!!! I'm gonna go check on you :) Last time I checked, your length was amazing