Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 4 of curls

This was the last day of the style. Been rocking buns ever is wash day thank goodness. I am still thinking up styles for tonight. Top of the list is braid out.

Tonight I am going to get batteries for my broke down camera so I can get better pics. Boy, do I need a camers! My current one has to be taped up lol.

I'm accepting style ideas everyone - pls comment!


  1. Hi hair buddy! Cute curls! I sometimes throw mine up in a banana clip with a lil' hump at the top. Works perfectly when I'm 10-12wks+ post. My new growth makes it stand in place better for some reason. Go figure right?

  2. hey great hair! i just started my own hair blog. will be taking pics from the back too lol

  3. Hair buddy!! Where you been? :-) My hair is nuts right now lol because I do equal parts relaxer and conditioner it is like natural at the roots so my demarcation line is madness

    @pattie, I don't want my face all over the site for some reason lol I'll stop by and see how you're doing. Thanks for the comment :)