Monday, August 23, 2010

I was vacating but I'm back :)

FIRST THING: My followers, don't forget to comment on the giveaway post. I'll be choosing a winner in about a week. Good thing I gave you ladies so much time. Giveaways are fun.

This is an old pic from last week.
Wasn't really a vacation, more like a staycation but I still enjoyed myself. Lots of rest, spending time with friends, it was good. Now I'm back on the daily grind. Nothing new on the hair front...been m&s every day. I am very glad I got a trim because my hair is feeling much better. I do need to amp up the TLC as I've only been doing routine things. What I really want to try is henna so we'll see when the time is right.

A week post relaxer I shampooed with the neutralizing and chelating poo (I am neurotic and have to make sure my hair gets a second chance to rid itself of relaxer residue), did an ACV rinse...then I deep conditioned w/heat with my sedal ceramides. My curls were gorgeous! Then it rained! Ruined them. Luckily I grabbed a before pic.
Then this past weekend I cowashed with my fav cowash, Mane n' Tail, did my 2 minute reconstructor, and DC'd w no heat for the day with cheapie Lustrasilk organics. I sealed in the DC with coconut oil. Rinsed, set, & wrap.


  1. Great progress! Your hair is getting long!

  2. What healthy looking hair, good job!

  3. Looks fantastic! Your curls are always so luscious and shiny.

  4. Thanks ladies! I love my curls & I have more to post from this past weekend