Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching up...

I haven't done a hair update in a minute. Not because nothing has happened but because I have no photos (& you all should know how I am about photos). Anyway, I had about 1 - 1.5 inches cut off last Friday at 8 weeks. My hairdresser thought it was necessary and I honestly felt it was about time. It had been Dec since she last gave me a trim (when I got my bang). I trim and dust in between but I guess that doesn't count lol.

I haven't been able to tell how much is gone because the rain fell and my style got killed that very weekend. Then week 9. I co-washed, did a 2 min reconstructor, roller set and air dried overnight. I'm going to relax on Thursday at 10 weeks. It looks shorter in this pic for sure. I have a funny feeling I'm back to APL or worse...


Here is my husbands locs (to-be). Some of them feel like they're locking. Patience is's only been a month (yet I still managed to give him a style). He's had them tightened/palm rolled/twisted once a week (by moi) and he's washed them once with shampoo (Aussie Moist), then an ACV rinse. No conditioner. That isn't recommended wherever I read but since I want him to have one, I'll be looking up some products/recipes.


  1. I think I need to get with this Hairlista hair is in bad shape... It's kinda thinning out...your hair looks healthy and shiny!

    patience is the key with locs. My dad, stepmom, and little sister have locs and it requires a lot of maintenance but they're locs are soooo long and soooo pretty! If only I could commit!

  2. Thanks for the comment Ife! You certainly need to join Hairlista. There's so much info on there for any hair type. Thanks for the compliment....just had a trim so that must've helped (even tho I think she took too much off).

    My husband tried locs before and gave up. This time he's stuck with them and they're looking great...hope it stays that way when they loc

  3. Trims are a necessary evil SharBar. LOL I bet once you are relaxed and you can really see your length you will be surprised. I always get a boost in growth (or maybe retention) after a good trim. Hopefully, you will see the same.

  4. You got me Lav! I totally hate trims but you are right and I'm feeling better about my trim. Looking forward to some retention/growth...maybe I'll get a full & beautiful BSL for my birthday (Dec).

  5. Certainly looks to me like you will make it. Hopefully I will be right behind you.