Monday, April 28, 2014

Wrap-A-Loc curls, blog updated (new banner, loc regimen, everything!)

Hello lovely folks,

Well  I have finally updated my blog to reflect my hair's current status!

I used Wrap-A-Loc about 2 weeks ago to try curls and boy did I get my entire curl life!! Here is a quick summary of my thoughts.

1) If you want curls, you are going to get neat, tight curls using this tool - it does what it promises!
2) There is no heat required if you have the patience to wait for hair to airdry (I didn't).
3) If you have short locs you can cut the long (size large) in two
4) Easy to use - there is definitely a learning curve to using the instrument but that is expected with everything
5) I've seen many people wear them in the locs for a few days before taking them down. I refuse to do this but if you can swing it then I've seen some pretty ingenious styling on Google Images (search "Wrap a loc").

1) If you some how do it wrong and your curls don't drop (as only one side of my head did - not cute) then you need to somehow be flexible because those curls are here to stay! I chose to flat twist the side that did not drop to the other side and it worked out beautifully. I will try to do better my next attempt.
2) If you have a lot of locs, good luck to you! I have 87/90 locs and there is no way I was going to pay for 5 packs at $20 dollars a pop on my student budget...I cut the large ones this time around. That'll do till I can fund as many as I need (maybe I'll take up a collection).

These are before I separated (did 2 locs to one wrap a loc tool)

Separated and pinned to side (other side was a failure hehe)


  1. Pretty! It looks as if this tool gives similar curls to the pipe cleaner technique? I watch a few loc'd ladies on YT but I'm not sure if it has another name. Anyway, like you said for $20 per pack, that may be a bit more economical as your locs grow longer.

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  3. Gorgeous sis!!!! Your locs have really come a long way! Glad to see you are still documenting your journey! Hope all is well with you! ~Rauney

    1. Rauney!!! So great to hear from you - how is it going? I havent been on hairlista in ages :/ just no time and when I started locing it didnt have that many resources for loc' ed sisters