Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I've learned

Having locs ain't that easy...

I feel like my hair isn't getting enough moisture and I don't know how. Creamy things get stuck in my locs, particularly the extension piece. I use oils but I don't know that it works or is sufficient. Starting next week I'll try to add aloe vera juice to my regimen. See how that works.

Then I have thinner locs (due to the mess up with the lady making the parts at the front small and the extensions are heavy) and those are weighed down and I worry about them.

Anyhoo, those are the cons.

The pros are that I love the decision and am anxiously waiting for my real locs to be long enough to cut. My husband loves 'em, and my mom is warming up to them :)

I owe you all photos and so will post them soon.


  1. I find oil and water works well. Do you use oil on its own or after applying water. As far as I can tell, moisturising hair comes in two parts: moisturise and seal. Water is great for moisture you may just need to find a product to seal it.

    Let me know how you get on?

  2. Thanks, I use oil almost everyday. Guess the water bit was missing...I shall rectify