Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my first retwist

I didn't like this style Sunday when I got it but everyone else did and it's grown on me...I have to get used to the loc look. I am on the hunt for a new stylist already - the one I have works at a very unprofessional shop with too high prices.

I want someone I can stick with long term and that won't happen at this current shop.

I am 2 months into my journey.


  1. looks great

    I like that is doesn't look painful, and your edges are in perfect order.

  2. Very pretty. And I feel you on the high priced unprofessional shops. Girl, I was in the same predicament when this lady told me $225 for some kinky twists...and the shop looked suspect. Unh-uh. I found a nice college student to do it for me.

  3. Thanks much - the stylist left all my edges out so I had to aloe vera gel them - worked like a charm!