Monday, September 27, 2010

I did it again...lost track of my stretch lol

I thought I was 5 weeks but I wasn't. So glad I have this blog because my memory is toast!

I relaxed August 5th so I am 7 weeks going on 8 lol

8 week curls for you viewing pleasure :)
What I did: dry DC with Lustrasilk organic mix overnight then cowashed with my lovely Mane n' Tail, did a 2 minute reconstructor, rollerset with all orange curlers.

Before I separated and ran my big comb through the roots (not the entire length)
I can't wait to see the color after henna...I guess this is a good before shot.


  1. very nice! makes me wanna break out my rollers!

  2. Thanks so much ladies! I live in my rollers lol I keep meaning to try the bigger size flexi day.

    & welcome new readers!!! Traycee, your blog was the 2nd one I came upon at the beginning of my hair journey. I mean yrs ago when everything was in (could fit in) the archives, I sat one day and read it all. You were a great motivation for me to get steppin! Thanks girl.