Friday, July 2, 2010

My husband is loc(k)ing

Yup. & I'm in charge :)

I don't know much about locs but I did the same thing I did at the beginning of my HHJ...I went researching online (hours upon hours). I am really excited about this.

So to begin, I part his entire head (had to make sure they were neat) and sectioned it off. Then I back combed very little and palm rolled using Mango & Lime's resistant locking gel. Then I sprayed with Jane Carter's natural hold locking spray and he went under dryer. I forgot to mention that before we started he washed and air dried his hair with no product at all.

The regimen

Daily - Proclaim 7 or EVOO on locs, sleep with scarf nightly

Weekly - at the beginning he'll spray some Mango & Lime hair n cense (we won't wash for a about 4 weeks) then spray the JC locking spray then dry. After that we'll use the M&L locking gel to palm roll (also tighten if necessary) and then dry again.

After a month, he can start a washing regimen (NO HOT WATER - Luke warm).

*Shampoo with a non-residue shampoo like a clarifying poo or one made for locs (M&L tingle shampoo is what we will use)
----> for the first few shampoos, I'm gonna have him put a stocking cap over locs
*Condition with M&L protein conditioner or JC nutrient replenishing conditioner
*Apple cider vinegar rinse every now and again
*Get some excess water out by towel drying
*Spray with JC locking spray
*Dry completely under dryer (fight mold and smells!)
*Use M&L locking gel to palm roll
*Dry again (hood or hand dryer)


The new locs

2 days old
He had texturized hair to begin

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